Walking TripsWye Valley Walk

The Portway Inn is located 1 km from the Wye Valley Walk, one of Britain’s long distance paths.  There are also a wealth of shorter walks available around the Portway taking advantage of the surrounding apple orchards.

The Wye Valley Walk cuts away from the river to pass down the Monnington  Mile to the tiny village of Monnington, less than a mile away from the Portway Inn.  Walking from the Portway Inn to the Wye Valley Walk takes around 20 minutes, but it is also possible to park in Monnington and pick up the Walk directly there.  The Monnington Mile is a tree-lined avenue running from Monnington Court to nowhere, ending at some woodland a mile from the Court.  It was built as a celebration in the 17th century and is now a popular local walk.

After Monnington Court, the Wye Valley Walk passes through Monnington and skirts the graveyard of the historic church there before heading back to the river bank where it follows the Wye downstream to Hereford.

A link to the Wye Valley Walk Website can be found here: http://www.wyevalleywalk.org/

Walking TripsOrchards

Between the Portway Inn and the Wye Valley Walk lie a series of apple ochards.  Walkers are welcome in the orchards, where they can enjoy anything from a 20 minute stroll to a 2 hour circuit.

Walking TripsGarnons

Garnons Hill lies north east of the Portway Inn and it can be reached by a lane running alongside the Inn.  A right of way then runs around the hill, giving great views of the valley.  The trail drops down the hill near the main house of the Garnons Estate and can then be followed down to the river at Byford before picking up the Wye Valley Walk to come back upstream to Monnington and the Portway Inn.  The whole walk takes 4-5 hours.  Although the initial stretch to the Hill and back takes around 45 minutes.

Walking TripsBlack Mountains

For much more dramatic walking, the Black Mountains can be reached in 30 minutes by driving to Hay and then south into the national park.  Some truly amazing ridge top walks are easily accessible from the road through the park.  A favourite is the ascent of Hay’s Bluff to pick up Offa’s Dyke trail along the top of the Hatterrill Ridge.

Walking TripsKington

Finally, Kington is a 15-20 minute drive from the Portway Inn and is the centre for a large number of varied walks. They are generally medium to high intensity, if only because the ascent out of Kington is quite steep in most directions. You can explore the Offa’s Dyke path from here as well as a number of less well-known routes. The views are amazing!

Enjoy Local Activities

Herefordshire, the home of cider, is steeped in history . It's full of coffee shops,  restaurants, grand architecture and has recently been modernised with a new shopping district, a modern theatre and a brand new cinema complex.

Furthermore, the villages surrounding The Portway Inn are more than just pretty places to visit. Each one has its own character and community, with tea-rooms, shops, craft workshops and pubs waiting to welcome the visitor.

Nature walks or the latest blockbuster, the possibilities are endless. Have a look at a few here...